David Oupicky, PhD

The Oupicky Lab focuses on exploring polymers and nanoparticles for delivery of drugs and nucleic acids. We are especially interested in pharmacologically active polymers (polymeric drugs) and in delivery vectors suitable for delivery of drug/gene, drug/siRNA, and drug/miRNA combinations in the treatment of acute kidney injury, metastatic cancer, and inflammatory bowel disease.


  • The Oupicky lab said goodbye to Yazhe and Ying as they both moved to their postdoc positions at Yale University, February 2019
  • Shrey’s paper on oral treatment of colitis with polymeric chloroquine published in Acta Biomaterialia, October 2018
  • Congratulations to Ying Xie on successful defense of his PhD dissertation on the topic of miRNA delivery in metastatic cholangiocarcinoma and pancreatic cancer, October 2018
  • We are looking for a postdoc with experience in polymer chemistry, September 2018
  • The Oupicky lab received a new 5-year R01 from NIDDK to develop siRNA-based treatments of acute kidney injury, September 2018
  • Congratulations to Fei Yu for successfully defending her PhD dissertation on the topic of polymeric chloroquine and its use in the treatment of metastatic cancer. Good luck in your new position at MD Anderson, September 2018
  • Our new paper on reversibly stabilized fluorinated polyplexes for systemic siRNA delivery in metastatic cancer published in ACS Nano, August 2018
  • Our new joint paper with Drs. Byrareddy and Casero on the use of polyamine analogs to inhibit Zika virus replication published in Molecular Pharmaceutics, August 2018
  • Ying’s paper on combination miRNA nanoparticles for the treatment of cholangiocarcinoma published in Theranostics, July 2018
  • Congratulations to Shrey Kanvinde on successful defense of his PhD dissertation on the topic of oral drug delivery to treat inflammatory bowel disease, June 2018
  • Congratulations to Yi Chen on successful defense of her PhD dissertation on the topic of renal drug delivery in acute kidney injury, May 2018
  • Ling’s paper on combined PAI-1 and CXCR4 inhibition to treat pulmonary fibrosis published in Nanomedicine NBM, May 2018
  • Ying’s review paper on chemokine targeting in metastatic cancer published in WIREs Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology, April 2018
  • Lee was awarded NIH F31 Fellowship from the NCI. Congratulations!, March 2018
  • Our new paper on cyclam-PEI inhibitors of CXCR4 for delivery of siVEGF published in Biomacromolecules, January 2018