David Oupicky, PhD

The Oupicky Lab focuses on exploring stimulus-responsive polymers and nanoparticles for delivery of drugs and genes. We are especially interested in redox-responsive delivery systems and in delivery vectors suitable for delivery of drug/gene and drug/siRNA combinations.

News & Events

  • We received a new NIH grant to develop CXCR4-targeted treatments of cholangiocarcinoma., June 2016
  • Fei and Lee received UNMC Fellowships. Congratulations!, June 2016
  • Our joint paper with Dr. Batra’s lab on combined CXCR4 and NCOA3 inhibition in metastatic pancreatic cancer accepted for publication in Biomaterials, May 2016
  • Fei’s paper on polymeric chloroquine published in ACS Macro Letters, February 2016
  • Ying’s paper with Dr. Mott’s lab on miRNA delivery in cholangiocarcinoma published in Molecular Pharmaceutics, February 2016
  • Our minireview on CXCR4 in drug delivery published in Current Pharmacology Reports, January 2016
  • Our review article on polymeric drugs published in Journal of Controlled Release. Congratulations to Jing, Fei, and Yi, September 2015
  • Yazhe Wang joined the lab as a visiting CSC student from China Pharmaceutical University, September 2015
  • Joseph wins a best poster award at the 13th NanoDDS conference in Seattle, September 2015
  • Sasha Klementiev joined the lab as a summer undergrad student, June 2015