David Oupicky, PhD

The Oupicky Lab focuses on exploring polymers and nanoparticles for delivery of drugs and nucleic acids. We are especially interested in pharmacologically active polymers (polymeric drugs) and in delivery vectors suitable for delivery of drug/gene, drug/siRNA, and drug/miRNA combinations in the treatment of metastatic cancer and inflammatory bowel disease.

News & Events

  • Fei’s paper on polymeric chloroquine and its use in lung metastasis accepted in the Journal of Controlled Release., July 2016
  • We received a new NIH grant to develop CXCR4-targeted treatments of cholangiocarcinoma., June 2016
  • Fei and Lee received UNMC Fellowships. Congratulations!, June 2016
  • Beau Alade joined the lab as a NANO-SURP student, June 2016
  • Our joint paper with Dr. Batra’s lab on combined CXCR4 and NCOA3 inhibition in metastatic pancreatic cancer published in Biomaterials, May 2016
  • Fei’s paper on polymeric chloroquine published in ACS Macro Letters, February 2016
  • Ying’s paper with Dr. Mott’s lab on miRNA delivery in cholangiocarcinoma published in Molecular Pharmaceutics, February 2016
  • Our minireview on CXCR4 in drug delivery published in Current Pharmacology Reports, January 2016
  • Our review article on polymeric drugs published in Journal of Controlled Release. Congratulations to Jing, Fei, and Yi, September 2015
  • Yazhe Wang joined the lab as a visiting CSC student from China Pharmaceutical University, September 2015